1. Before starting work, an advance must be paid for any service. The amount of the advance and the terms of payment are defined together with the customer on a case by case basis.

2. Our billing system is binary. Either 0 or 1. You are a customer or you are not. This means that at IT CORP, all customers are billed according to the same internal billing criteria.

3. Once the customer has validated our quote he agrees to respect the billing and to repect the deadlines until the end of the service.

4. Any service not included in the starting specifications is billed separately.


1. The drafting of the specifications is a task billed independently of the overall project implementation. Because being the most important technical element in the realization of the project, we strive to take very carefully into account and to study in depth the needs of the client in order to propose the most suitable solutions possible.

2. The invoicing of the realization of the project intervenes only after the complete validation of the specifications by the customer. Only the final version of the specifications is considered for the realization of the project.

3. Once the realization of the project is invoiced, no change to the specifications is tolerated. Any change (modification, addition, ...) desired, is invoiced in addition and may lead to change the project implementation schedule.

4. Even if the customer writes his specifications himself, the modification of the latter affects the realization of the project. This is also billed separately.


1. In case of late delivery of a service, the customer can claim up to 5% discount on the overall cost of the service if this delay is caused by IT CORP.

2. Any other claim other than that specified in the preceding paragraph can not be made by the customer.

3. However, the client is free to suspend or continue the project after a delay caused by IT CORP, in the realization of the project before achieving 70% of the project objectives for 70% of the completion time consumed.

4. Delays on delivery due to situations beyond the control of IT CORP (disasters, territorial constraints, breakdowns, etc.) are not attributable to IT CORP.


1. The customer is responsible for the supply of materials when needed.

2. If an agreement between IT CORP and the customer were to entrust IT CORP with the responsibility of supplying the equipment, the related costs are very clearly separated from those of the initial service. In this case, IT CORP will have to submit one or more invoices on its behalf as the supplier of these materials.

3. Any material provided by the customer must be verified and approved by IT CORP prior to use.

4. IT CORP is responsible for all the material it provides to the customer but the warranty is offered depending on the nature of the equipment.


1. IT CORP defines the stages of realization of the project. Some steps are validated by the customer before moving on to the next ones.

2. In case of a delay of validation of a step by the customer exceeding 1 week, IT CORP considers that the step was validated and passes to the following one. The customer cannot make any claim or go back in this case.

3. All validations made or supposed to be made must be listed. IT CORP and the customer agree to share a common file on this.

4. For final validation, IT CORP is committed to taking customer feedback into account before moving on to the next step; however, if these are in accordance with the specifications or if an additional billing agreement has been found.


1. The information exchanged between the client and IT CORP during a collaboration must remain strictly confidential and only exploited for this collaboration purposes. Both parties therefore undertake to protect each other's respective information.

2. Any leak of information or data orchestrated by one of the parties is punishable by a fine amicably agreed between the author and the victim or by a competent court of law.

3. A confidentiality clause may possibly be defined if one of the parties wishes to do so.

4. IT CORP attaches a special price to the confidentiality of its internal projects and procedures that may be brought to the knowledge of the client. The customer to take the measures necessary for the respect of their confidentiality.


1. The intellectual property of the project is entirely the responsibility of the client.

2. IT CORP retains the intellectual property of the subcontractor on all completed projects.

3. On all its works, IT CORP has the right to leave its signature (its name, the link of its website, its brand, ...).

4. The client is solely responsible for the idea of ​​his project and his intellectual property. The responsibility of IT CORP can not in any case be engaged in case of problem (plagiarism, theft of intellectual property, ...).


1. Payment is only made according to the method and payment information provided by IT CORP. Any payment made on the basis of false information or information not provided by IT CORP, is considered not received by IT CORP.

2. Any claim made on a paid invoice is non-responsive.

3. The compliance with payment deadlines is required. IT CORP is free to decide the fate of the customer who does not respect his payment deadlines.

4. IT CORP must always acknowledge receipt of any payment received from the customer.


1. This Agreement is governed by the Gabonese laws in force.

2. In case of unresolved dispute, the latter is transferred to the court of first instance of Libreville

3. If the dispute with a customer is brought to justice, IT CORP will automatically separate itself from the customer.

4. These terms and conditions are the intellectual property of IT CORP. Its copy, distribution, modification in any form whatsoever, without the written consent of IT CORP, is liable to prosecution.