Contact us and tell us briefly about your IT project (a website, a specific application, hosting, network, maintenance, ...) This allows us to assign you our best teams specialized in the different areas related to your project.

Collection of requirements

In order to guarantee the success of your project and your satisfaction, we will exchange with you to determine your real needs. At this stage, your availability is very important because any detail that may be useful to this project is carefully collected, analyzed and consolidated.


After having defined your needs, we propose you specifications containing the complete description of your project. Indeed, the specifications are most important technical material in the realization of your project, because it exposes very precisely how your project must be realized.

Commercial offer

Once the specifications have been validated, we will make you a commercial offer for the realization of your project. This offer contains all the information about the invoicing and the conditions of realization of your project (planning, milestones, method, ...).


The realization of your project starts immediately after having accepted the commercial offer. The realization is made according to the schedule previously defined in the commercial offer. Each step of the realization is validated by mutual agreement with you before moving on to the next one.

Tests and corrections

Following the realization, we grant you a period of tests which is driven by our team to correct any defects. This step requires much more the intervention of the teams that will operate your project once it's delivered.


We finally deliver your project with all the necessary documentation. A maintenance contract may be proposed to ensure the survival and especially the evolution of your project over time.